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This is the second time Babita helped us sell our properties and helped us found our new home. Throughout this whole process of looking for our home, we were really picky about finding the right house. We’re looking through a lot of houses, Babita was there patiently helping us find the right house and sold our other properties all within a month. I compared Babita’s listing to others, the quality of the photos and accuracy of descriptions are at another level. I definitely recommend Babita to all of my family and friends for buying or selling their properties

Dharma Thurai

Babita is a phenomenal realtor. Prior to Babita coming along, our home was listed with no interest or offers. When Babita took over, she turned our house into an unrecognizable show home with her staging skills. We also saw how useful her marketing skills were. She sold our home in three weeks, and she really put in the extra effort!

Sindhu Dharma

We were more than happy with Babita's services. She took her role very seriously and took the time to explain every little detail. She helped us immensely with the entire process from staging to marketing. Babita amazed us with her ability to make our house "market-ready" within days! Beyond her skills and talent as a realtor, she ensured that she got to know each family member in my household and earned our trust very quickly. I truly felt that she had our best interests in mind. Additionally, she was super responsive - she would make herself available at any point during the day. I would strongly recommend her to anyone wanting to sell their home

Patrick Lee, Client

I had my house listed twice with two different realtors and a total of maybe 6 groups came to view the house, however there wasn't the slightest word of interested. But then a friend recommended Babita, who is very professional and got the house sold in about 4 weeks. I would definitely recommend Babita to all of my family and friends for any real estate related help!"

Madhu Channappa, Client

Babita is the most responsive realtor I've ever worked with! She brought us very comprehensive information on the current market that helped us in making our decision to sell without any pressure. Babita sold our condo in less than 10 days. She is all in one package. She helped us to price our condo appropriately, she had the right advertising techniques, excellent administrator, communicator, very organized and also helped in applying for mortgage for our next home."

Nancy Koa, Client

Thank God who richly blessed us with such an lovely Realtor who has worked very hard to market our house with beautiful staging. It is a great blessing to work with her and how she managed to sell our home within the 1st Open House with a price so close to our asking. We so appreciate how Babita gives us quick update and provides feedback. She is a very good negotiator and always looked out for our best interest. One of the best realtors, honest, sincere, hard working, friendly and always has smile on her face."

Honourable Wally Oppal

Babita Kumari is a total professional. She is hard working, honest and has excellent knowledge of real estate. She is a very good negotiator. I strongly recommend her to anyone wishing to buy or sell real estate."


As first-time home buyers, we were nervous about it and frankly, a bit difficult to please! Babita made me feel at ease with the process and answered all my questions and concerns in a professional and knowledgeable manner. Babita worked hard in my behalf and was a delight to work with. We will definitely use her experience and talents in our next real estate adventure."

Prathana Gouda

Babita is excellent and a core professional. She is sharp in identifying client needs and fulfilling them with the best possible results. She helped us get our dream home by negotiating an impossible deal(which possibly was a cake walk for her), she is that good !

Thanks Babita, so happy to have found you.

I highly recommend...

Manisha Rassi, Client

Babita helped me sell an investment property. She came to our first meeting enthusiastic and well prepared, and every interaction I had with her after that was the same. She proposed an efficient sale process, arranged for the staging and photographs, gave me good and thoughtfully critical advice on finishing the house. The sale went very well–she brought in 9 offers, all way above asking price. I can’t wait to work with her again and I highly recommend Babita to other home buyers. It hard to find people like her. Thank you Babita for all your help"

Andrew Cheng, Client

Babita is very professional as a realtor. She understand the in and out of real estate. We have a great time working with her as our realtor for the sale of the house. She listen and advise us the appropriate steps to take in regard to the sale of the house. The staging services provided welcoming and so appealing to Buyers that she SOLD it in first Open House. She had very good negotiating skills which result in getting us a very solid offer and follow through with after service and advise going forward. She is hard working and put in a lot of effort on the marketing and advertising of the sale of the house which results in great exposure to buyers. We would definitely recommend her to friends and relatives who are in need of real estate services.Babita is very professional as a realtor. She understand the in and out of real estate. We have a great time working with her as our realtor for the sale of the house. She listen and advise us the appropriate steps to t"

Nancy Zheng

Babita Kumari SOLD my house in just 5 days, close to asking price. I was really impressed with her energy, expertise, commitment, resourcefulness and attention to detail. She is definitely an exceptional realtor. I was also amazed by her negotiating skills and her knowledge of how to sell a house for top dollar. . She marketed my property so well that I had over 40 sets of people come through first open house and had multiply offers. She protected my interest in a very professional way, always giving me updates and helping me every step of the way. She is simply the BEST! I would highly recommend her.....

Ehssan Ahmad

Babita is a skilled and professional realtor. She went above and beyond to make it possible for us to purchase our dream home. She is warm, friendly, and definitely a good listener and communicator. She is hardworking, reliable and has strong negotiation skills. Most importantly, she has the best interest of her clients in heart. We will strongly recommend her to our friends, relatives, and everyone we know. Thankyou Babita!

Chris topherT

Diligent, hardworking, creative & innovative.

Frank Moudakis

Babita is truly amazing she sold our home in 11 days with multiple offers in today’s current market just shows how far she goes to get the deal done .we had over 50 families walk thru our home in the first open house and additional 50 to 60 on the next day .her professionalism and marketing skills and her dedication to her profession shows in her results . Thx babita it was truly and blessing to meet you .


yandy ng

I was extremely impressed with Babita's excellent and professional service. I really appreciated her beautiful staging skills—which proved to be a determining factor of our sale. She turned my house to an impressive show home in just a few days, and my house was sold in first open. She is friendly, trustworthy, and hardworking, and I would recommend to my friends with no hesitation.

Kelly Ng

We had listed house before but didn’t sell. Babita knocked on our door and shared with us her marketing strategies, showing us reviews of her fast selling record (she only takes an average of one week to sell a home). Originally, I thought she was simply boasting, but I was still willing to give it a try. 

And I'm so glad I did. The partnership process began with Babita providing us with a thorough analysis of the market situation, helping to set the right price, planning strong social media strategy, and making suggestions on house staging. The staging was amazing. We never imagined that our house could be so beautiful. While we did our share of cleaning and tidying up, Babita spent hours beautifying every corner of our house. Her marketing strategy saw almost 40 sets of people coming through our house. The outcome: she sold our house within five days! 

Babita’s great negotiating skills contributed to an offer very close to our asking price. Energetic, hardworking, and friendly, Babita communicated with us every step of the way. We would highly recommend Babita as your go-to realtor.

Sabine Kempe

Our experience working with Babita was extremely positive. She was very professional and always available for questions, was diligent in following up with other realtors and doing due diligence on listings we were interested in. We purchased our home at a great price relative to comparatives thanks to her great advice and support negotiating. We would recommend Babita as a realtor to our friends and family.

Valerie Lukac

Babita was outstanding in our home search! She is extremely professional, responsive, well connected and really listened to our requirements to match visits with homes that met our needs. She also worked with our very busy schedule to be supportive and accommodate all transactions, making the process extremely smooth. Highly recommend working with Babita.

Xu Dai

It was a great experience working with Babita. She was very patient and attentive throughout the whole process, and was able to help me get the place I wanted at the price I could afford. I would highly recommend her to any future buyer.

Lucy Lin

In the current market, selling your place can be very challenging, but a good realtor like Babita can make it stress-free. She’s very precise, and thought of many small details that made a big difference when it came to selling our place.

Beginning with the pricing of our place, she was reasonable and concise. She priced our place very well; it was well within our comfort-zone for prices. She’s very knowledgeable and has great marketing strategies. When it came to staging our place, she knew how to make it look clean and organized, but still cozy and homely.

Open houses and showings were a whole different story! We never thought our cozy townhouse could gain any traction, but she made it look easy! Within the first two open houses, we had a good amount of people come to view it, but the showings were incredible. We probably had over a hundred people schedule showings to come see our townhouse, and Babita was driven to make every single one of them welcoming and enticing. She was there for all the showings, kept in contact with us to update us about the showings, and did follow ups.

When we got multiple offers, her negotiating skills came to play. The offer that was given to us, versus the offer that we accepted, from the same buyer, had a shocking difference in price! When the offer was first given to us, we were not feeling great about the price because one of our neighbours had just sold their identical place at a much lower price than what we wanted! This proved to be a difficult road of negotiation to get the price we wanted for our place. In the end, thanks to Babita’s unmatchable negotiation skills, we had sold our place for MUCH MORE than the original offer!

This journey of selling our house was made incredibly outstanding by Babita! She is AMAZING and we HIGHLY recommend her for anyone looking to sell or purchase a place!

Alex Zadeh

Babita Kumari is one of best and top realtor out there. She takes her work very seriously and is very professional..Sold our property 20 thousand more than next door unit, which was exactly the same, with her staging/marketing/negotiating skills. She is always available to answer any questions or concerns. Went above and beyond for us... highly recommend her.

David Chen

With her professional advice, Babita made me truly realize that the impossible was possible when she successfully bought our dream house for us!

When she took us to view each prospective house, she took the time to carefully explain the pros and cons of each, making sure we understood fully. She explained what was fixable and what the price to fix it would be.

Finding a house can be really stressful, and sometimes, I just felt like all hope was lost; my patience began to run thin, so I would suggest that I could just get it over with and put an offer on a satisfactory house. She would often say, “Don’t worry, I am with you. I will get you the one you really want.” She is honest and if we wanted to put an offer that was over the market price, she would explain to us why it wasn’t worth it. When we tried to put an offer on a house that already had multiple offers, she made sure to reassure us and told us to stay calm to get the price we wanted instead of fighting over the house.

Then came the moment that we found the house of our dreams. When we saw it, we thought, “This is it. This is our house.” Babita really took that into consideration and agreed with us. She assured us that she would do everything she could to help us purchase this house. Using her incredible negotiation skills, over the course of two days, she got us the price we wanted and hoped for.

Most people will think that after a realtor is done purchasing the house for their clients, their job is done. However, that is not the case with Babita. She aided us with finance, insurance and lawyers. Babita helped us find professionals that could help us seal the deal, and they were all just that: professional.

As well, she brought us to City Hall to check the house, receive any important documents and to get information about the house. She even gave us advice on how to rent out the basement suite.

Her professionalism, patience and communication made me savour the purchase of our house even more. If you yearn for your dream house, don’t hesitate to contact Babita. She’s incredible and makes you feel comfortable with your purchase.

Ilnaz Badbezan

My husband and I hired "Babita" as our skilled real tour to help us in the process of selling and buying a property. She went through all these stressful progress with us, showed care as a family member. Sometimes she was showing us properties until late night which shows her great commitment. Thanks for being such great and caring person.


It was a great experience working with Babita. She was very patient and attentive throughout the whole process, and was able to help me get the place I wanted at the price I could afford. I would highly recommend her to any future buyer.

Roni R.

We can’t speak highly enough of our experience with Babita Kumari. From day 1 Babita was responsive and had great suggestions for homes and throughout the negotiations and closing Babita was quickly handling any issues that may have risen. If the time ever comes when I will be looking for a new home, there isn’t any question on who my Realtor will be!

Kyle M

My fiancee and I worked with Babita in the purchase of our first condo and I couldn't be happier with my experience. The real estate market was red hot during our time of purchase and Babita was able to secure a meeting ahead of 30 other buyers with the sales rep of a developer we had our eyes on. Had it not been for Babita's ability to act quickly and get the job done, we wouldn't have had the opportunity to close on our wonderful new unit. Thanks Babita!


Babita is the best realtor we have seen in Vancouver. She has in-depth knowledge on the housing market and has good negotiation skills to get a nice deal for you during negotiating a house.

In this crazy housing market, we gave up buying a house with these shooting prices but Babita was very persistent and found a good deal for us.

I recommended Babita to all of my friends, and I highly recommend to any one who wants to buy a house in Canada

Mole Dong

Babita is a very proactive, diligent worker with great negotiation skills.

I requested the property to be sold within 2 weeks of listing and Babita fulfilled this request with no issues. I had some issues with the tenant leaving in a timely manner so the listing of the property was pushed off to a later date twice in which time Babita was still continuing to work the Sale of the property. When the date finally came to be listed, it was already sold to a buyer at suggested listing price for quick sale(be it the price was 10% below assessed value ; but none-the less it was sold very quickly).

I am Very happy with the results as there were no hang-ups, hold backs or problems with the sale. Everything was done via Online Docu-Sign so there were no Visits (besides initial Meet-up and picture taking). Due to COVID 19 issue, I only had to meet Babita once. Everything was Done virtually.

Please be aware, this was the fastest , safest in regards to health, deal I have ever done.

thank you Babita, You took the stress out of this. Now i can move on to Greener pastures

Laura Baracaldo

Babita was amazing to work with. She was friendly, professional and went above and beyond when working for us. She sold our condo in three days and help us get our dream house shortly after. She advised us on how to present a competitive offer within our means, as the house we wanted had multiple offers (15 offers). Babita really delivers ans shows up for her clients. She is not just about making deals, but makes you feel heard, seen and understood. She will work equally hard if your house is worth 2 million dollars or 200,000. I would 100% recommend Babita and her services! My husband and I will for sure work with her again! Thank you for everything Babita! you are the best.

Sam Feng

Babita is a knowledgeable and proactive realtor who was a pleasure to work with. With a clear understanding of the real estate market and excellent negotiation skills, I felt confident in her ability to close the deal. She is willing to go above and beyond, answering my concerns and queries promptly at various times in the day, and genuinely cares about her clients.

Cameron Ryan

Babita is fantastic! She goes the extra mile to ensure her clients are well looked after. Any potential problems, concerns or queries you have she addresses and follows up on immediately. I would recommend Babita to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.


Babita is the best agent we have worked with. She knows the market very well. She is very professional, on top of things and she puts clients’ interest first. With her help of staging and marketing our place, we sold our place in 3 days, close to the listing price. We highly recommend Babita to anyone who considers selling their properties.

Ruby Virk

Babita was a pleasure to work with. She is very knowledgeable and responsive. She was able to sell our home in less than two weeks and we appreciate it!

Wendy and Ed Monteiro

Babita Kumari delivered what she promised. At the start she appraised the property value at a realistic level based on market conditions in the surrounding area and together we agreed on a selling price. She did an excellent job of showcasing the property and advertised the home far and wide. Even at the height of COVID-19 she was able to source buyers and executed the sale of the property in just 14 days. Her cheerful disposition and strong negotiating skills are her strongest attributes. I would strongly recommend her services if you want your house sold or even if you are buying.


My wife and I took the good advice of a professional friend, and hired Babita to sell our apartment during the slow real estate market recently. Babita showed great market knowledge, negotiating skills, listening skills, hard working and professional advice. She proved to be a top realtor and was able to sell our apartment in less than one month, while 3 other similar units in the same building have been staying in the market for more than 6 months.

Thank you so much Babita.


I can't say enough great things about Babita. She helped me buy my first home and made sure we had all the information we needed to make the right decisions and feel comfortable. Anytime I had a question he went above and beyond to help us. She negotiated an awesome deal for me in this impossible market. Highly recommend working with her in any real estate needs you may have.. only of the top and best realtor

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